Failure to comply with specific environmental and/or hygienic conditions during the transport of perishable goods often implies irreparable damage to the quality of the transported product.

To ensure safe and hygienic transport, the ATP (Accord Transport Perissable[1]) was signed in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1970.

This agreement establishes the minimum requirements to comply with for the international transport of perishable goods and for their conservation, in order to safeguard their salubrity paying particular attention to respect for the chain of cold.

In particular, they define the following  points:

  • construction requirements for isothermal equipment for cold-storage refrigerated transport;
  • certain conditions of use for the users;
  • the types of perishable foods that can be transported in refrigeration conditions, and their transport temperature in line with the provisions of the Italian Ministry of Health.

Likewise, it obliges all vehicles used for such transport to be regularly inspected and certified by authorized specialized centres.

The ATP Certification has a total duration of 12 years from the date of issue but provides for periodic tests and inspections that are carried out by professionals at specialized and authorized centres.

At the end of the 12 years, the ATP certification expires, and the specialized centres are no longer competent for the renewal. However, the users have the possibility to subject their vehicle to a further test, and this time the test can be carried out only by an authorized state test centre, and it extends the certification validity for further 6 years.

Thanks to the certified and qualified staff of the Italian Railway Network laboratories, we are able to support and manage this certification all-around, with professionalism, efficiency and courtesy. Moreover, the possibility of affixing the certification plate after the test has taken place without having to modify the body of the loading area of the truck make us the sole and exclusive Lab.



We hereby report the tests offered that are carried out by the Italian Railway Network Laboratories (Laboratori di Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) in Roma Portonaccio Plant:

  • A.T.P. Tests on means of transport compliant with the ECE/TRANS/271-2018 Standard;
  • measurement and control of the isothermal box according to A.T.P .;
  • efficiency test on means of transport with eutectic plates according to A.T.P .;
  • efficiency test on refrigerated transport vehicles according to A.T.P .;
  • thermal experiments on equipment;
  • group tests.


  • Length 5.600mm   
  • Depth 5.800 mm
  • Height 5.500 mm
  • Total volume size 1.302 m3
  • Temperature Range: from -15°C to 70°C (from 5°F to 158°F)
  • Relative humidity Range 0%r.h.: 40% - 95%
  • Regulation Accuracy: ± 5% u.r.

Rate of temperature change: 6° C/h / 42.8° F downhill - 6° C/h / 42.8° F uphill


The RFI Test Station can be divided by an intermediate door into two autonomous cells, respectively 15 meters long and 19.68 meters long.

The tests can be performed WITHOUT having to drill holes in the vehicle body thanks to the use of wiring specifically designed for such tests. This allows us not to damage the case in any way, thus ensuring the isotherm of the vehicle itself.

Fill-in (or download) the MODULO RICHIESTA PROVE (Request for Test Form) in all the parts required, attach the vehicle(s) registration certificate(s) for which you are requesting the test and send it/them by email to:

Our cost estimate, the booking date and the payment methods will follow your request.

The submission date will be deemed automatically accepted by us.

Once the test has been successfully completed and payment has been made, you will receive the certification recognition plate on the same day of the end of the test.

Due to our long waiting lists, we recommend you to contact us at least a few months before the expiry of your ATP, in order to use our service in time without having to risk incurring the pecuniary and administrative penalties in accordance with the law.


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