Italcertifer is an Italian State Railways Group company, owned by the Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, but completely independent from it, from which it inherits the huge wealth of expertise in the railway field both in Italy and abroad in several projects around the world.

Along with a strategic synergy with 4 of the most prestigious Italian universities (Politecnico di Milano, University of Pisa, University of Florence and University of Naples), which are also part of the company structure, Italcertifer further expands its range of know-how by creating a “centre of excellence” for everything related to compliance verification and safety in the railway sector.


V300 Zefiro | Spain

NoBo, AsBo and static/dynamic tests for the certification of the V300 Zefiro vehicle for the High Speed service on the following railway lines:

Madrid - Barcelona

Madrid - Valencia/Alicante

Madrid - Malaga/Seville



Certification for the first hydrogen train in Italy – as NoBo, DeBo, and AsBo – for circulation on the FNM/RFI (FerrovieNord Milano/Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) network and as OIF for the circulation on the FERROVIENORD – Iseo Lake Branch isolated network.


ETR470 | Greece

NoBo, DeBo, AsBo and Testing activities of the Trenitalia ETR470 vehicle, suitably modified for service on the Athens-Thessaloniki high-speed line managed by TrainOse. The Italcertifer Test Laboratory has been appointed to carry out the static and dynamic tests which are preparatory to the certification of the vehicle.


TAF | Italy

NoBo, DeBo and AsBo for the Certification to make an electrical revamping, an adaptation of the fire security system, and the introduction of emergency lighting with video surveillance for FNM and Trenord TAF vehicles.


HTR312 and HTR412 | Italy

NoBo, DeBo, AsBo and Tests at the Italcertifer Laboratories in Florence Osmannoro for the Certification of the "Blues/Masaccio" HTR312 and HTR412 hybrid vehicle (Diesel/electric and power batteries) for the circulation on the RFI network. The assessment activities are aimed at the rolling stock and on-board signalling subsystem. All static and dynamic homologation tests are carried out by the Italcertifer Testing Laboratory in Osmannoro, Florence.


ALN668 | Italy

NoBo, AsBo and DeBo for the conversion of the Aln668 railcar from Diesel to Methane Gas for Fondazione FS - Certification of conformity to obtain the authorization for circulation on the RFI network.


MS3 - DC3 | Germany

MS3 and DC3 Safety Process Assessment - CSM activities for risk management assessment in compliance with the EN50126 Standard and the 402/2013/EU Regulation for the MS3 and DC3 platforms.


ETR 600 - 610 | Italy

Verification of conformity of the modification for the implementation of the fire-fighting systems of the Pendolino ETR600-610 and Minuetto fleet of Trenitalia - NoBo and DeBo Certification.



Certification and equipment of the ETR500 measurement system for railway infrastructure diagnostics.


OCPD001 | Italy

Certification and testing of the OCPD001 multifunction vehicle for railway diagnostics. 


DFCCIL | India

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp. India Ltd. ISA/NoBo of the signalling systems of the Bhaupur-Khurja line, East Corridor - Phase 1 of 343 km of conventional line, double track, electrified with a 2x25 KV system and an automatic block.


DFCCIL | India

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp. India Ltd. ISA/NoBo of signalling systems and generic products for the West Freight Corridor, Rewari-Makarpura section (Phase-I) of 915 km length of conventional double-track line, electrified with a 2x25 KV system and with an automatic blocking signalling system, as well as TPWS including on-board train signalling.



DFCCIL | India

Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp. India Ltd. ISA/NoBo of the signalling system of the Mughalsarai-New Bhaupur freight line, of approximately 402 km of conventional double-track line with 5 intermediate stations and 7 interconnection stations with the other lines.



ISA for the generic and specific applications of the TCAS signalling system to RDSO specification.


FS-THAI | Thailand

Verification of compliance with the CENELEC standards of the Due Diligence and Value Engineering of the rolling stock of the ARL Line.



ISA of all the systems and their integration, including Rolling Stock, of the First Line of the Bogota Metro (Primera Línea del Metro de Bogotá).




The World’s first automated heavy-haul long distance rail network. ISA of Signalling System including ATO, ATP, Locomotive Control Subsystem (LCS), Video Image Capture Subsystem (VICS), Vital Safety Server Subsystem (VSS), Train Control Subsystem (TCS), Wayside Subsystem, Communication Infrastructure Subsystem.


ROY HILL | Australia

Iron mine freight transport line. ISA of Signalling System.


BBT | Austria - Italy

Brenner Base Tunnel: The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) is a straight, flat railway tunnel connecting two countries. It runs for 55 km between Innsbruck (in Austria) and Fortezza (in Italy). Independent Checking Engineering (ICE) and E.C. Certification for INF, ENE, CCS subsystems.



Development of Sofia Railway Junction:

Sofia-Voluyak railway Section2014-BG-TMC-0133-W - Orient/East-Med Corridor. 

E.C. Certification INF, ENE subsystems.



ETCS | Czech Republic

European Train Control System (ETCS), Pilot project Poricany-Kolín: conventional line 22km, 3 stations, ETCS Lev.2. E.C. Certification CCS subsystem (22km, 3 stations, ETCS Lev.2).




Design Verification in accordance with the statements of art. 26 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and ss.aa. of the Revised Detailed Design of the High-Speed Hub of Florence.

The Foster and Partners / Arup project for the new High Speed Railway Station in Florence is an architectural excellence at international level. Conceived to offer modern services and improve train travel standards, it is combined with a commercial area. The new station will be integrated with the current Santa Maria Novella station, adjacent to the historic city center, constituting an important intersection node (integrated system Santa Maria Novella-Macelli Belfiore) and interconnectivity with tramway stop, bus stop, short stop, taxi area, multi-storey car park with 608 seats, parking for 580 scooters, access areas for staff, connection to the Regional Train Station.

The underground urban rail link, from Firenze Campo di Marte to Firenze Castello, has about 8 km of connecting line between the node constituted by the new station and the Rome-Florence HS/HC line, has tracks at grade level as the current track platform, in trench 2 tracks, a single-tube tunnel and a series of bypasses inside.

The functional roof allows sunlight to pass, thus illuminating the entire building and is equipped with vents for smoke extraction in a fire along with photovoltaic panels. A multi-storey car park and power station provide a sound insulation from the noise coming from the existing operating railway.

Start of activity 12/30/2020 | End of activity 25/06/2021



The project involves the construction of the New Double High Speed Railway Line Tithorea – Lianokladi – Domokos which replaces the mountainous part of the existing single line, 122 km long, with a New Double High Speed Railway Line, 106 km long equipped with  ETCS level 1 signalling system. E.C. Certification INF, PRM, SRT, ENE, CCS subsystems




The project includes the construction of a new line (deviation) in the section Polykastro-Eidomeni, approximately 21 km long, of the Thessaloniki-Eidomeni line, with signalling, telecommunications and electrification. E.C. Certification INF subsystem.




Consultancy to the Ministry of Transport and Communication (MOTC). Advisory for definition of norms, rules and standards of the railway sector.



Rehabilitation of the Frontieră-Curtici-Simeria railway line. The Project involves the rehabilitation of about 40 kilometres in the section between Gurasada and Simeria, with the building of 17 bridges, electrification, the installation of the ERTMS signalling and telecommunications system, the renovation of 8 railway stations and some minor works. E.C. Certification INF, ENE subsystems for Lots 2A, 2B, 3.



Modernization of signalling/interlocking system for construction of 2nd track on the railway line section Pancevo Bridge – Pancevo Glavna of railway line Belgrade Centre-Pancevo Glavna-Vrsac-state border with Romania. Independent Safety Assessment and Conformity assessment of  SMARTLOCK 400 GP interlocking platform in railway station Pancevo Glavna.


CORRIDOR RHINE-ALPINE | Switzerland (2015)

Electronic Interlocking Chiasso : 

Design Verification INFRA, ENE, CCS subsystems;

Paradiso station (Lugano): 

  • modernization of electric traction;
  • Design Verification INFRA, ENE subsystems.


CORRIDOR RHINE-ALPINE | Switzerland (2017)

GSM-R Stabio (CH) - Varese (IT): Design Verification INFRA, ENE subsystems.



Ankara-Konya High Speed Railway:

Ankara-Konya line is the only high-speed rail service in Turkey, with two types of EMU train models operating at speeds of up to 250 km/h or 300 km/h.E.C. Certification INF, ENE and CCS subsystems.



Ankara-Sincan Railway Line: E.C. Certification INF and ENE subsystems.


Irmak - Karabuk - Zonguldak railway rehabilitation and signalization. E.C. Certification INF and CCS subsystems.



Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Köseköy-Gebze Section of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Railway Line. E.C. Certification INF, ENE and CCS subsystems.



İnönü - Köseköy High-Speed Railway Project. E.C. Certification INF, ENE and CCS subsystems.



Karaman - Konya: doubling of conventional line 200 km. E.C. Certification INF subsystem.


HHR | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

HARAMAIN HIGH-SPEED RAILWAY – HHR Project Makkah - Madinah High Speed Railway: 450 km of high speed railway line connecting the holy Cities of Makkah and Madinah, included Jaddah Station. 

SVE - Safety verification Engineer for Design and Construction Phase for Track, Rolling Stock, Energy Subsystem and  CCS Subsystem.               

ICP - Indipendent Competent person for Design phase, Constcutuon phase and Operation and Maintenace for the entire project.



Metro Riyadh – Package 2 – Line 3 - Al Madinah Al Munnawwarah and Prince Saad Bin Abdulrahman Al Awal Roads. Total 42 km of Metro Line with more than 20 stations (Underground, Elevated and Shallow Stations) with 2 Depot (East and West). Independent Checking Engineering (ICE)  for the Entire project. Design phase and Construction phase (Built Stage Services) including Test and Commissioning phase.



Operation & Maintenance of Lines 3,4,5,6 of Metro Riyadh, of total length of 113 Km and 51 stations including 2 main station and 5 interchange stations,4 depots and 3 OCCs. 

ICP: Independent Competent Person. Assessement of Safety Maangement System for Operation&Maintenance. Certification for issunce of Safety Certificate and Operating License.



Independent Quality Verification Assessment (TPQA) for the metro systems of the Navi Mumbai Metro Line - 1 project from Belapur to Pendhar, length 11 km, including ISA certification services relating to the INFRASTRUCTURE, ENERGY, ROLLING STOCK and SIGNALLING subsystems.



ISA of signalling and SCADA systems and their integration for the Taipei Metro.



ISA activities for ERTMS signalling lev. 2 of the first line of the United Arab Emirates network between Sha and Habshan and the port of Ruwais for a length of 264 km.



Built according to international standards, the railway will connect the main commercial, industrial, manufacturing, productive, logistic, population, and all the main import and export points of the UAE, as well as being an integral part of the Gulf Cooperation Council's rail network. The second phase will extend across the UAE from the border with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Ghuweifat, connecting the Emirates via Abu Dhabi, the Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad), Khalifa Port, Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah and then to Fujairah on the eastern coast of the United Arab Emirates. Independent Safety Assessor to Etihad Rail Stage 2 - Packages 2A, 2D, 2F1, 2S:

ISA for package 2A: 140 km from the Ruwais junction on the border with Saudi Arabia in Ghweifat;

ISA for the 2D package: 148 km of permanent railway road running north from the Dubai / Sharjah border to the port of Fujairah;

ISA for package 2F1: Al Faya depot.

ISA for the 2S package: ERTMS Lev.2 signalling, entire network and system integration


ATR220 | Italy

NoBo, DeBo and execution of the static and dynamic tests for the ATR220 vehicle to obtain the authorization to circulate on the RFI network.


ETR322 | Italy

NoBo, DeBo, Static and dynamic tests for ETR322 vehicle, for the purpose of obtaining authorization for circulation on the Ferrovie del Sud Est railway network.



ROGER 800 | Finland

NoBo, DeBo, static and dynamic tests for ETR322 vehicle, for the purpose of obtaining authorization for circulation on the Ferrovie del Sud Est railway network.



On behalf of the companies of the Group, FS Sistemi Urbani undertakes to enhance the assets of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (Italian State Railways) that are not functional to railway operations specifically with reference to stations, nodal and transport infrastructures, and available assets. Entirely controlled by the FS holding company, the company also carries out integrated urban services from a business and community service perspective: for example, it manages the development of activities related to car parks and areas for stopping means of transport of any kind. It also coordinates the maintenance of areas and buildings for public and private use, as well as dealing with the promotion of intermodal transport programs and the development of projects for the enhancement of the tertiary sector of economic and social importance.



Certification of the corporate asset management system of RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana), that is the manager of the national railway infrastructure. RFI boasts a vast extension of the managed railway network, over 16,700 km, about 2,000 stations and 26,000 employees. The certification obtained by RFI is part of a broader strategy, in line with the Group's 2019-2023 Business Plan which, through the “asset-centric approach”, aims to further guarantee efficient management of the network and to create value, both within the Company and towards stakeholders.




The FLOW Consortium is responsible for the management and maintenance services of lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Riyadh Metro. The contract, signed between the FLOW Consortium and the Riyadh City Royal Commission in 2018, is worth $ 2.9 billion USD. The activity is divided between the partners FS (Ferrovie dello Stato), Hitachi Rail STS, and Alstom.


MM4 METRO LINE | Milan, Italy

Verification of the final project design of the intervention Construction of Line 4 of the Metro Milano San Cristoforo-Sforza Policlinico and Sforza Policlinico-Linate. The new Milan underground line – Line 4 – connects the Lorenteggio area to Linate for a length of 14.2 km and includes 21 stations and 29 buildings. The line has been developed almost entirely underground, with only the open area located in the west terminal where the depot-workshop storage areas are located.




Design Verification of the Final Design of the extension of the Florence tram system called Line 3.2.1 section Libertà - Bagno a Ripoli (JV Rina check-Italcertifer). Verification activity carried out in accordance with the statements of art. 26 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and of the chap. VII of the ANAC Guidelines no. 1 "General guidelines on the award of services relating to architecture and engineering". Line 3 (Lot II) of the Florence tramway consists of 6 single and double track sections on a at grade track in the Municipality of Florence and, in the final part, in the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli. An important aspect is the inclusion within the particular consolidated historical-urban and environmental context. As regards the civil works, the upgrading of the Giovanni Da Verrazzano bridge and the construction of the Liberty Pedestrian Underpass are relevant.

Start of activity 27/10/2020 | End of activity ongoing



Design Verification of the final design of the intervention "Construction of Line 4 of the Metro of Milan S. Cristoforo-Sforza Policlinico and Sforza Policlinico-Linate". The new L4 underground line connects the Lorenteggio area to the Linate area for a length of 14.2 km and includes 21 stations and 29 buildings. The final design of the stations is globally complex and articulated. The total number of verified drawings and reports was over 500.The signaling systems in the project refer to Automatic Train Control (ATC) based on CBTC driverless technology, which acts as route management (Interlocking), Automatic Train Protection (ATP) which governs train running, Automatic Train Operation (ATO) which governs the automatic operation of the train, Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) which monitors the running of the train so that it remains within the commercial performances.The mechanical, video surveillance and public address systems serve the public areas and the services areas of the Metro.

Start of activity 02/08/2012 | End of activity 28/01/2013



Design Verification service pursuant to art. 26 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 of the final design of the first tram line in Bologna - Red Line (JV Rina check-Italcertifer).The 16.5 km long red line will have 3 terminus and 30 stops, connecting Borgo Panigale to the Agrarian Studies Faculty at Caab, with a further branch from the Fiera to the Michelino car park.The red line route will serve important attractions in the city (SFM station in Borgo Panigale, the Maggiore Hospital, the historic center, the Central Station, the Regional Offices and the Fair area, ...). In the route that will cross the urban centre, the tram does not include the overhead contact line but will be battery powered.The road network and public lighting will have a new structure and the tram system will be integrated with the local urban and extra-urban public transport network in compliance with the cycling routes provided in the Bikeplan. The civil works include the structural upgrading of the bridge over the railway in Borgo and the bridge over the Reno. The project, with a view to environmental sustainability, aims to limit the impact of the line on existing trees and on the parking system.

Start of activity 07/04/2020 | End of activity 08/25/2021



Awarding of 2 Framework Agreements lasting 48 months (RTI Italcertifer-Protos Check) for the execution of Design Verification services pursuant to art. 26 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 of projects works amounts:

equal to / greater than 20 million euros (Lot 2 ANAS Nord and Lot 4 ANAS Tirrenica-Calabria),

less than 20 million euros (Lot 3 ANAS North-West, Lot 4 ANAS North-East, Lot 5 ANAS Centro, Lot 7 ANAS Tirrenica).

The checks concern all maintenance and restoration works on the road network, civil works (bridges, viaducts, tunnels) and systems supporting the road infrastructure.

Currently verified the interventions in correspondence of:

S.S. 38 of the Stelvio - Tirano junction

S.S. 727 bis - Forlì ring road

S.S. 1 "Aurelia" - Access roads to the port hub of La Spezia

S.S.4 "Salaria" - Infrastructural works for strengthening and functional improvement of the Rieti junctions.

Start of activity 02/08/2018 | End of activity ongoing