The Anti Bribery&Corruption management system (ABC system) is the model adopted on a voluntary basis by Italcertifer S.p.A. looking for prevention of corruptive phenomena in a "broad" sense, that is, including the cases of maladministration and malfunction.

The ABC system identifies an organic apparatus of tools and behavioural rules focused on business processes that are most exposed to risk and inspired by national and international best practices in the field, with the aims of strengthening the company’s anti-corruption, support the staff in his daily activities and promote a corporate culture inspired by integrity, fairness and legality.

The ABC system defines two fundamental tools for preventing the risk of corruption.

The general principles (transversal control principles), which include: segregation of tasks and responsibilities, traceability of processes and activities, respect for process roles and responsibilities, forecasting of process rules, absence of conflict of interest, confidentiality, transparency and, finally, cooperation in dealing with public institutions/authorities.

The rules of behaviour (standards of behaviour) and other measures of analysis and monitoring (indicators of possible anomalies) applied for each of the considered processes at risk.

The ABC system is, together with 231 Model, the central element of Italcertifer S.p.A’s Unique Anti-corruption Framework.