The Laboratories O.U. of Italcertifer S.p.A., with multi-site accreditation according to the reference Standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, have their headquarters at the Florence Test Center and provide test, measurement, and engineering services in the railway-tramway sector.

Italcertifer Laboratories were founded in 2012 thanks to the transfer to Italcertifer of the staff and instrumentation of Trenitalia's “Sperimentazione” (“Experimentation”), from which they have “inherited” the vast know-how expertise of decades of active work in the field.

Nowadays, Italcertifer Labs are seen as a reference point for the national and international industry for the execution of tests and measurements aimed at the characterization and certification of railway systems and components.

In fact the main goal of the Labs is to carry out test activities in the mechanical field, on braking systems, on electrical equipment, on signalling systems, as well as carrying out environmental and safety measures in the workplace, having as their object(s) the rolling stock, the systems, the railway infrastructure and their components, and operating with fixed and mobile laboratories.

The laboratory is able to offer all the homologation tests necessary to obtain the technical admission or AMIS (Autorizzazione alla Messa In Servizio) of a rolling stock issued by the National Agency for the Safety of Railways and Road and Motorway Infrastructures (ANSFISA – Agenzia Nazionale per la Sicurezza delle Ferrovie e delle Infrastrutture Stradali e Autostradali) and the certification in accordance with Technical Specifications of Interoperability (TSI), following the client throughout the whole process: from the design of the test activities to the analysis of the results obtained, passing from the organization of the tests themselves.

Furthermore, Italcertifer Laboratories ensure the creation of services for the design, the organization and the conduct of ad hoc measurements and tests, for research, experimentation, and verification in the laboratory and fieldwork, on materials, components, products, as well as railway systems and subsystems.

Further offices and facilities of the Italcertifer Laboratories are:

- Via Lanzi 27/A - 50134 Firenze: dynamometric test bench for tests on wheels/wheelsets, brake discs, brake blocks and brake linings.

- Via Giolitti, 34 - 00185 Rome: Test bench for verifying the functionality and interoperability of the on-board ETCS.