For changes that could introduce significant risk, rail operators must employ an Independent Competent Person to oversee the safety assurance (or safety verification) process.

An Independent Competent Person (ICP) is an individual or an organisation who:

  • Has sufficient skills, knowledge, experience and resources to undertake the safety verification in relation to which they are appointed;
  • Has no previous involvement in relation to any of the subjects that have to be considered in undertaking the safety verification that might compromise their objectivity;     
  • Is completely independent from all interested parties that are responsible for any of the matters that have to be considered in undertaking the safety verification.

The ICP is generally appointed early in the design process to help the rail operator to select a consistent scheme of verification against appropriate assessment criteria.

The role of Italcertifer as ICP is a lot more than delivering a simple ‘sign-off’ that a project is safe.

Italcertifer will ensures a high standard of competence, ethical and professional conduct, resulting in a key component to protect clients and society at large against inappropriate, unsafe, poorly designed or poorly manufactured engineering output.