NoBo, DeBo, AsBo and Tests at the Italcertifer Laboratories in Florence Osmannoro for the Certification of the "Blues/Masaccio" HTR312 and HTR412 hybrid vehicle (Diesel/electric and power batteries) for the circulation on the RFI network. The assessment activities are aimed at the rolling stock and on-board signalling subsystem. All static and dynamic homologation tests are carried out by the Italcertifer Testing Laboratory in Osmannoro, Florence.


Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp. India Ltd. ISA/NoBo of the signalling systems of the Bhaupur-Khurja line, East Corridor - Phase 1 of 343 km of conventional line, double track, electrified with a 2x25 KV system and an automatic block.


ISA for the generic and specific applications of the TCAS signalling system to RDSO specification.


ISA of all the systems and their integration, including Rolling Stock, of the First Line of the Bogota Metro.




The World’s first automated heavy-haul long distance rail network. ISA of Signalling System including ATO, ATP, Locomotive Control Subsystem (LCS), Video Image Capture Subsystem (VICS), Vital Safety Server Subsystem (VSS), Train Control Subsystem (TCS), Wayside Subsystem, Communication Infrastructure Subsystem.