An Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) is the formation of a judgement, separate and independent from any railway system design, development or operational entities, that the evidences provided for the system are appropriate and adequate for the planned application and that the system satisfies all applicable safety requirements.

The ISA scope of work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Assessment of the safety submissions made by the designer
  • Assurance that emergent safety issues have been addressed;
  • Confirmation that the appropriate methodologies have been used and that the validation is adequate;
  • Confirmation that the necessary conformity to relevant standards and legislation is achieved
  • Confirmation that the overall suite of independent professional review activities undertaken by the project provide adequate safety assurance;
  • Confirmation that the safety risk associated with the system being proposed is (or will be) reduced to an adequate level and, where possible without compromising independence, provide recommendations for corrective action;
  • Provide a clear statement of support of the safety submissions made by the designer.

ISA activities will be generally performed through:

  • Participation to a kick off meeting and to periodical coordination meetings concerning safety and security issues;
  • Documentary reviews of safety cases and security documents;
  • Emission of Technical & Safety Notices Notes
  • Issue of Safety and Security Assessment Reports;
  • Audits, visits and test witnessing (in Contractor and main Supplier sites).