Italcertifer offers a wide range of services connected with certification, inspection and, more generally, third party assessment specifically (but not limited to) in the rail sector thanks to its consolidated know-how and multidisciplinary team of experts.

Italcertifer holds the main accreditations and recognitions on all structural subsystems with reference to all the Technical Specifications of Interoperability (TSIs) provided for by European legislation for the railway sector.

We are therefore able to provide our customers with all the certification and inspection services required to obtain authorization to put into service components, subsystems, vehicles and railway infrastructures, within the European Union and more generally on the global market.

Italcertifer operates as a Notified and Designated Body in accordance with Directive 2016/797/EU on railway interoperability.

Further services within the European and Italian regulations include those such as:

Assessment Body (As.Bo) according to Commission Regulation 2013/402/UE;

Conformity Assessment Body for Entities in Charge of maintenance (ECM);

ISO 17065 accredited product certification body;

Testing Authority.

Internationally Italcertifer operates as a global player on so on some of the main infrastructure projects as:

Independent Safety Assessor (ISA);

Independent Competent Person (ICP).


The complete list of accreditations and recognitions of Italcertifer is available at this LINK.