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Italcertifer today


Italcertifer today

Italcertifer is an Italian State Railways Group company, owned by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, but completely independent from it, from which it inherits the huge wealth of expertise in the railway field.

Along with a strategic synergy with four of the most prestigious Italian Universities (Politecnico di Milano/ Polytechnic of Milan, University of Pisa, University of Studies of Florence and University of Studies Federico II of Naples), which are also part of the company structure, Italcertifer further expands its range of know-how by creating a “centre of excellence” for everything related to compliance verification and safety in the railway sector and beyond.

Confirming the involvement of interested parties in their activities, there is also the presence of the Tuscany Region (Regional Council of Tuscany) within the shareholder structure.

Backed by decades of national and European experience in the notified and regulated sectors of EC checks for railway interoperability, Italcertifer is projecting towards the future by addressing global markets and increasingly expanding its sphere of action also in sectors such as cybersecurity, energy and road infrastructure inspection.

The current CEO and General Manager of Italcertifer is Mr. Carmine Zappacosta

Reference framework

The activities of Italcertifer are part of the broader framework of the liberalization of European rail transport.

Since the early Nineties, the European Union has set among its objectives the creation and the promotion of a single large common market as free as possible from regional regulations and particularities to facilitate the free circulation of people, vehicles and goods in the various member states.

One of the milestones and key points of market liberalization - and its safety - are laboratory tests and conformity assessments carried out by accredited, competent, and independent bodies.

The activity of an accredited body provides the market - and all interested parties - with the necessary confidence:

-          that a product has been professionally tested and examined in what concern technical and safety requirements defined in international standards,

-          (that) the quality of a project has been verified,

-          (that) the associated risks and security implications of a given management system have been considered.

This is the mission of the entire Italcertifer.

The pillars that support Italcertifer's business are its independence, the competence, and the know-how of its employees, as well as its management system aimed at continuous improvement.

In accordance with its mission, Italcertifer has obtained, maintains, and develops a long series of accreditations as a Certification and Inspection Body as well as a Test Laboratory in the railway sector and beyond it.

Italcertifer offers a wide range of services related to certification, inspection and, more generally, third-party assessment, by the power of a consolidated know-how and many nationally and internationally recognized accreditations.