Activation of the Mecca-Medina line

Italcertifer in its role as Independent Competent Person (ICP) of the High Speed ​​Line Mecca - Medina (Saudi Arabia), appointed for this role by the Spanish Consortium Al Shula (ASC - Spanish Consortium with the most important Spanish railway companies) has positively concluded the verification phase and the line has been activated in its final configuration which provides for a maximum speed of 300 kmh / 186 mph.

The role of ICP in this mega project which includes 450 km of line, 5 stations and 2 depots, is to verify the safety of the line in accordance with international and national standards (CEI EN 50-126, CEI EN 50-128 and CEI EN 50-129 just to name a few). During the verification phase Italcertifer has positively concluded:

  • Verification of the Executive Project (Including the Preliminary Phase and the Detailed Project)
  • Verification of the Operation and Maintenance phase
  • On-site audits, performed as per ICP Guidelines, for the verification of the Spanish Operator for the activation of the line at 300 kmh / 186 mph
  • Participation on site in the Races Testing and Inspections of the Line