The Trial Run of Masaccio/Blues Trimodal Electric, Diesel and Batteries Vehicle

On Friday, March 4 2022, in the frame of the presentation of the Masaccio/Blues in Florence, Italcertifer S.p.A. carried out one of the final trail run for the certification process of the Blues train, the first triple-power, electric, diesel and battery-powered train, inviting on board the Authorities of the Tuscany Region (member of the Italcertifer Company), the top managment of ANSFISA with the Director and the General Manager of Railway Division, the Trenitalia board of directors with its General Manager, and the top managment of Hitachi; all of them by virtue of their own role in the complex system of verification of conformity, preparatory to the vehicle’s commissioning and placing on the market.

The event was created to make public the imminent conclusion of the Testing and Certification process developed entirely by Italcertifer on the Hitachi Blues production vehicle, made available by the manufacturer to the Italcertifer Laboratories at IDP Osmannoro in Florence on December 2020 for the testing process necessary for certification.

In full compliance with the safety rules for the test vehicle under certification, the trial run was carried out between Firenze-Castello and Prato Centrale railway stations. During the event the special guests were able to visit the new tri-vehiclemodal, transformed by the Italcertifer Laboratories into a measuring vehicle through the installation of monitoring and test instrumentation, and to observe the transformation of an element of the vehicle into a Laboratory carriage for the execution of the tests on the railway line. The visitors had the opportunity to talk to representatives of the certification team, also on board.

The Testing paths carried out with cutting-edge technologies and the complex Certification procedures, in compliance with current regulations and with the procedures of Laboratory Accreditation, attest to the constant commitment of Italcertifer, in its roles of Laboratory and Notified and Designated Body in certifying the safety of vehicles to guarantee passengers, the environment and the constant safe implementation of new technologies in the Railway System.