Certification CE of the line Niš-Brestovac (Serbia).

Within the framework of the projects financed by the European Community for the creation of the TEN-T Corridors, which pursue the overall objective of achieving a single multimodal trans-European network to integrate terrestrial transport, maritime and air, has been financed a total package of 2.2 billion to modernize the corridor X, one of the major railway projects that connects the EU between Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

With the availability of these investment funds, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Serbia has announced a tender for the modernization of about 24 km of railway line between Niš station and Brestovac station.


The tender "Modernisation and Rehabilitation of the Railway Section Niš-Brestovac" was awarded to Italferr, which appointed Italcertifer as No.Bo. at the end of March 2023, to issue the verification of conformity to the Technical Specifications of Interoperability for the subsystems Infrastructure, Persons with Reduced Mobility, Energy and Control-Command and Signalling, limited to the axle counter block, in order to verify that all essential requirements - safety, reliability and availability, health, environmental protection, technical compatibility and accessibility - laid down in the (EU) Directive 2016/797 for the interoperability of the railway system of the European Union.


An upgrade that will allow the transit of the trains to 120 km/h (from the 90 current ones) beyond that the increment of the transportable cargo for the goods trains. Passenger and freight train journey times will be reduced, contributing to the increase in total transport volumes between southern and central Europe. This will improve the capacity, safety and reliability of the railway line, as well as the quality of the transport service.