Itacertifer SpA – Railway Safety Ambassador in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Spanish Train Project Company awards to Italcertifer S.p.A. the Safety Verification Engineer (SVE) and Independent Competent Person (ICP) activities for five rescue locomotives, manufactured and refurbished by GMF – Gestion de Maquinaria - for the Haramain High Speed Railway Project, planned for the High-Speed line which, at an operating speed of 300 km/h, lead passengers to the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, connecting them to the cities of KAEC, Jeddah, and Jeddah airport.

The revamping focuses on the tropicalization of the locomotives, consisting of the installation of air conditioning, lighting and forced ventilation of the LDE2100CP traction motors, as well as the installation of the ETCS level 2 system. Italcertifer will follow the refurbishment activity to enable the safe operation of trains in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Italcertifer will follow the refurbishment activity acting as ICP against the local PTA’s guidelines and acting as SVE against the CENELEC and other applicable standards to ensure high level of safety, assurance, reliability, performance, conformity, and integrity for the entire life cycle of rescue locomotives. Italcertifer will also support SSTPC in the overall acceptance process of the locomotives by the Public Transportation Authority (PTA) in KSA, including site test witnessing to be performed in Jeddah (for the ICP part).

The authorization process of the five refurbished locomotives is going to be completed by end of the year.

This contract is one more endorsement of the good job done by Italcertifer since 2013 that makes Italcertifer a major player for safety in railway and metro sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.